Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some animations


These didn't really involve any programming, but I made them and they look cool so I'm posting them to this blog.

Card house:

I'm not sure why I originally wanted to do this, or why I continued working on it as it has no real application. for whatever reason, two days ago I decided I wanted to make a 3D simulation of a card house. I of course used Blender for everything.

I had a number of difficulties with the physics due to the fact that cards are far smaller, lighter and thinner then the type of objects the Blender physics engine is made for. After a bunch of trial-and-error and extensive tweaking of various settings, I got it to almost work but everything I build slowly slid until it fell down (you can see this in the first clip). I finally fixed this by adding hundreds of minuscule invisible spikes to the ground.

The rendering was done with Blender's old renderer, rather then the better but slower cycles. I did this because I didn't want to leave my computer running all night as I usually do and I figured photo realism wasn't so important in this project. Ironically, I've gotten more positive feedback about the aesthetic of this video then most of my animations using cycles.

The final step was to add the sound effects. I know nothing about sound and am very unhappy whenever I find myself working with it. I am apparently competent enough, though, to find a free sound effect of a cards being dealt and line it up with my animation.

Marble run:

This is another animation that has nothing to do with programming. We are making marble runs out of pipe insulation in my AP physics class and I thought it was well suited for a simulation.. Unlike my card house video, I used Blender's new renderer, which should make the lighting a bit better at the cost of render time. in all, it took over 4 hours to render, even on my brand new GTX 970 GPU. At least this is better then the two days it would have taken on my laptop i7 CPU.