Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My First Android App!

This is Widap Language Processing v0. As you can see, despite its AI sounding name, its feature set It does, however, technically process language and its capabilities will only improve.

I wrote it over the last few hours (most of the time was spent reading and watching tutorials). I was actually quite surprised by how easy it was. I had very little trouble designing the UI and attaching the code to it even though I have practically no experience with XML.

The reason it's called Widap Language Processing is because my eventual goal for this project is an automated SMS response program. I realize that trying to beat the Turing test probably isn't the most efficient course of action for someone too lazy to respond to texts, and I highly doubt this project will be a 'success' in the normal sense but I might end up with something interesting and at the very least I'll get familiar with Android development.