Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What I did during Make School

Make School summer academy is coming to an end. Over the last few months I have made a bunch of stuff, both in and out of Make School. These include:

  • Some primitive attempts at mobile VR with the open source Godot game engine
  • The start of a Pokemon GO companion app for Android. I suspended this project because priorities, but I might get back to it when I have more time, especially if PoGO stays so popular. I'm not going to go into details now, just know it wouldn't be like any companion app you've ever seen.
  • A player vs player chess game and GUI. This was done in C++. Right now it only supports human players, but I'm working on an AI, which was my original goal
  • A fourfour AI with a CLI. If you don't know what fourfour is, thats because it was invented by someone in Make School. It's basically an advanced version of connect four. You can find it on the IOS App Store. The game is simpler then Chess, but still quite a challenge. The capped dynamic depth recursion I used in this helped me a lot planning for my Chess AI.
  • Finally, my main Make School app is a Morse chat, which is exactly what it sounds like. It allows people to send each other morse code signals over the internet. I used Firebase for the backend, so it is very snappy. It is currently in review and I will hopefully get a version in the App Store by Friday.

I began work on the Android version of Morse Chat, but I may not have time to complete it in the near future. I plan to spend the remainder of the summer working on my Raspberry Pi robot. Hopefully, with my dad's help and a bit more money, I'll be able to quickly get past the hardware issues that have been plaguing it for the last year. Then it'll be all computer vision and path finding. Who knows, maybe I'll even get started with machine learning.